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No Shots, No School... NOT TRUE!

Health Freedom Louisiana actively works to protect and strengthen parental and human rights regarding vaccination.  We believe bodily integrity and family autonomy are constitutional rights that are non negotiable. We are consumer and political advocates working to educate the public and our legislators.  


No one has the right to decide for your family what is right when it comes to vaccines. HFL fights for your right to make the best informed decisions.


HFL is a consumer advocacy group that provides resources to educate people on the issues with the current vaccine program, and their constitutional and legal rights.


Not only does HFL advocate on behalf of families in Louisiana, we help teach families how to advocate for themselves!

The Smile Project

Parents,  In July 2020 BESE (Board of Elementary & Secondary Education) was tasked with the…

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The Smile Project Action Plan: A Return to a Healthy Normal

As our children continue to suffer detrimental effects from the baseless restrictions set upon them…

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The Maskerade

Jefferson Parish's Mask Order After 3 months of shutdowns and restrictions, we find ourselves faced…

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Louisiana Family Affected by Vaccination

The Vaxxed bus came through Baton Rouge and was able to interview and share the story of a local family on their struggles since vaccination.

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