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About Health Freedom Louisiana

What We Do

At Health Freedom Louisiana, we advocate, educate, and empower people to join us in the fight for informed consent and health freedom.

Louisiana is our home. We are fortunate to have the best vaccine exemption policy in the United States of America. But it may not stay that way…

After the 2015 passage of California Senate Bill 277 which removed the rights to religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions, Californians were now faced with the decision to either vaccinate according to the CDC schedule without any exceptions, or homeschool their children. With similar bills being proposed across the country, it became apparent that the families of Louisiana needed to organize to preserve the robust exemptions in this state. So in 2016 Louisiana Parents for Vaccine Rights was formed.

In August 2019 we changed our name to Health Freedom Louisiana and officially became a registered LLC. With the onset of the Covid pandemic we were among the first to speak out against shutdowns, social distancing, masking, and mandates. We continue to remain vigilant and proactive in order to assure health freedom for all families. We encourage you to join us in this fight!

Health Freedom Louisiana's Mission

Our mission is to advocate for consumer and human rights, health freedom, and informed consent. We take a stand against discrimination or restriction of those liberties. We educate and empower the public by informing them of their rights as well as the risks of vaccines, masks, and other “preventative” measures, so that they are free to make their own choices regarding medical procedures and interventions for themselves and their families.

Are you ready to make a difference and join us in the fight for medical freedom and informed consent?

The time is NOW. We are a diverse group of people from different backgrounds with one thing in common: passion in preserving the right to freedom of medical choice. States are passing draconian laws and the government is overstepping, infringing, and stripping parental and human rights, rights to bodily integrity, and family autonomy. Are you ready to take a stand?

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