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    contact health freedom louisiana! members at a recent rotunda day meeting

    You can follow us on social media! We provide the latest updates about current issues going on in Louisiana and the United States. Get informed, follow, and contact Health Freedom Louisiana on your favorite platform today.

    Want to make a difference and preserve your right to medical choice?

    It’s never been more important to take action. States are passing draconian laws and the government is overstepping, infringing, and stripping parental and human rights, rights to bodily integrity, and family autonomy. You can help in 3 simple ways. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization that relies on your support. Thank you for your appreciation of what we are doing!

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    It’s free! You will join a diverse group of individuals from different social and political backgrounds with one thing in common: a passion for preserving the right to freedom of medical choice.


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    Look good while showing your support for freedom! Each purchase goes towards funding Health Freedom Louisiana’s expenses and keeping the organization running to support human rights.



    We are a 100% volunteer-run grassroots organization dependent on donations and the help of our members. The money you donate goes towards the website, educational resources for legislators/physicians/parents, and more!


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