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Current Louisiana and Federal Legislation

2023 Louisiana Legislative Session

HB291 by Representative Charles Owen
HEALTH CARE/FACILITIES: Provides for visitation policies at certain healthcare facilities and requires that
such policies allow for in-person visitation
Committee: House Health and Welfare

HB152 by Representative Beryl Amedee
FAMILY LAW: (Constitutional Amendment) Provides relative to fundamental parental rights
Committee: House Civil Law and Procedure

HB158 by Representative Kathy Edmonston
LIABILITY/CIVIL: Provides for a limitation of liability relative to the administration of pandemic disease
Committee: House Civil Law and Procedure

HB182 by Representative Kathy Edmonston
VACCINES/VACCINATION: Provides that no person shall be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as a
condition of enrollment or attendance at any public or nonpublic school
Committee: House Education

HB372 by Representative Kathy Edmonston
FEDERAL MANDATES: Provides relative to mandates, requirements, recommendations, instructions, or
guidance from federal or international organizations
Committee: House Health and Welfare

HB399 by Representative Kathy Edmonston
VACCINES/VACCINATION: Requires that communication issued about immunization requirements include
exemption information and applies exemptions not only to students seeking to enter school but also to students
attending school
Committee: House Education

HB415 by Representative Beryl Amedee
BANKS/BANKING: Provides relative to central bank digital currency
Committee: House Commerce

HB463 by Representative Gabe Firment
HEALTH/CHILDREN: Prohibits certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor child
Committee: House Health and Welfare
Supporting Material for HB463

HB471 by Representative Barbara Reich Freiberg (OPPOSE)
VACCINES/VACCINATION: Provides relative to administration of immunizations and
vaccines by pharmacists and other licensees of the La. Board of Pharmacy
Committee: House Health & Welfare

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